Friendship Wins

Friendship Wins is the official Volkswagen Group Channel promoting our partner athletes in Sochi 2014!
Relating real-life stories of Athletes and their friends participating at the Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014, Friendship Wins tells the tales of those closest to the action!
We’ll endeavor to bring you the most exciting content from the tracks and slopes, and give you an insiders view of the whole event.
Join us for an epic time, and watch as we show you the ins and outs of an Olympic tale that is unmatched to date. Watch our friends as they live through the emotional moments and stories that unfold on the coast of the black sea. Follow us, and receive updates with the newest episodes and content and join in the conversation using #FWS2014 For further info, and press releases, contact us under: friendshipwins@we- do.com Friendship Wins, presented by Volkswagen friendship wins auf youtube.

Kunde: Volkswagen AG
Titel: Friendship Wins
Agentur: We Do
Regie: Kai Sehr